Alloy’s experience with curtainwall illustrates another industry where Alloy has been at the forefront.

During the Petronas Towers project in Malaysia, Alloy developed a specialty screw that has since become the industry standard for attaching the aluminum panels to the frame.

In order to more effectively service the unique demands of this industry, our manufacturing division produces various specialty screws and custom machine parts with industry leading lead times.

We are also Master Distributors for Dril-Flex and one of the top two distributors for Elco Textron. We routinely stock and supply industry specific fasteners such as: Type B, F, 23, Dril-Flex, AllFlex, custom AB, and C; hex and hex washer heads; tap tites; wedge anchors and threaded rod (Please see our “Projects” section).



We are now a member of the North American Fence Contractors Association.