AllFlex Construction Fasteners

AllFlex™ Stainless Steel Fasteners

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High performance construction fasteners in metal applications



Allflex™ stainless steel thread cutting and self tapping screws are made in the USA and have a proven success record in architectural applications worldwide. They are available in both 302ss and 316ss in diameters from #10 through 3/8”.
They are the ideal fastening solution for curtain walls, windows, doors and other applications that feature a dissimilar metal, such as aluminum. High quality stainless steel coupled with the Stalgard® GB coating gives Allflex™ superior protection in the harshest environments.
Allflex™ fasteners are first manufactured from 300 series stainless steel, which offers high resistance to degradation, seen as rust and then coated with Stalgard ® GB which preserves the integrity of the joined metals by providing a barrier between the steel and aluminum. Whenever dissimilar metals such as steel and aluminum are joined in the presence of water whether from rain, condensation, salt spray, etc. the electrolytic reaction can be ruinous. Allflex™ fasteners’ combination of material and coating helps protect both the fasteners and application material to both prevent joint failure and retain a high aesthetic quality.


Some benefits of Allflex fasteners:

-Type B and AB tapping screws, Type F and 23 thread cutting screws, primarily in aluminum components eliminate tapping operations, allowing for faster installation.

-Stalgard® coating prevents Galvanic reaction between stainless steel fasteners an aluminum components.

-Stainless steel fasteners offer long term corrosion resistance in aggressive environments, including coastal areas.

-The specific combination of features retains joint and material integrity to help insure long term quality.



Curtain Walls, including aluminum panels. Windows and Doors. Structures in pool and spa areas. Hurricane protection systems. Explosion control systems. Buildings in a marine environment.



Materials – 302ss, 304ss, 316ss, 410ss, 430ss

Diameters- #8 through 3/8″

Most head style / drive systems are available in type AB / B – F / 23 thread / point styles. The following chart shows some of the most common fasteners, many of which are available off the shelf.

All products are finished with Stalgard® GB (Galvanic Barrier) coating.


Alloy stocks a broad range of products tailored to curtain wall construction projects, click below for a list of these items. If you don’t see what you are looking for, chances are we can manufacture it with surprisingly quick lead times.

Catalog of Readily Available Items


ELCO CatalogNeed more technical information?

Click image at left to view detailed specifications on fastening products for the Curtain Wall Industry featuring AllFlex Fasteners. This is a PDF file.

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