Playground Equipment, Recreation & Waterslides

Playground Equipment, Recreation & Waterslides

Playground Equipment, Recreation & Water Slides

With extensive knowledge and experience in these industries, Alloy manufactures specials to comply with ADA, ASTM, CSA, CPSC, and DIN standards as they relate to recreational safety guidelines.

We bag single SKU’s to facilitate in-house order fulfillment, and multiple SKU’s to facilitate knockdown and field installation as part of a more comprehensive inventory management program. Other services include bin stocking, dock to stock quality status, and bar coding.

Industry specific products include: 6 lobe button socket cap screws with a locking patch, timber spikes, 18-8 stainless and hot dip galvanized parts, anti-sieze coatings, wedge anchors in 18-8, rotation molding inserts, wire forms including U-bolts, tamper proof fasteners, T-nuts, barrel nuts, nylon bushings, weld nuts, and custom parts to print.

We are now a member of the North American Fence Contractors Association.